What industries or scenarios are our water treatment machines suitable for?

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11 Aug 2022

What industries or scenarios are our water treatment machines suitable for?

Our water treatment machine is suitable for many fields, such as the field of living facilities: all kinds of hot water boilers, central air conditioners, heat exchange systems, household central air conditioners, wall-mounted boilers, etc. Industrial general equipment: air compressors, refrigerators, heat exchangers, coolers, etc.

Special industry applications: anti-scaling, descaling, magnetization, sterilization and algae killing of water equipment in food, pharmaceutical, wine and other industries. Water, heat, coal-fired power plants, mining enterprises, medium and low pressure boiler power, and water supply systems in the power industry. Main uses: power plants, factory high and low pressure boilers, air conditioners, cold storage and other circulating water. High-purity water for the production of microelectronic products, high-purity water for semiconductors and kinescopes, water for integrated circuits such as computer circuit boards, and water for solar cells and dry-type batteries.

Water for chemical industry: water system for chemical reaction cooling, chemical agent, fertilizer and fine chemical industry, and cosmetic manufacturing process. Main uses: water for textile printing and dyeing, paper making, pure water for chemical reagent production. Pure water for skin care product production, pure water for shampoo production, and pure water for hair dye production. Chemistry lab, physics lab, biology lab.

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