Stainless Steel Water Tank,storage tank,rain tank

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Stainless Steel Water Tank
Performance characteristics of stainless steel water tank
1. The aseptic water tank is manufactured by new technology. There is no tie bar and dirt inside. It is easy to clean and meets the internationally recognized GMPI sanitary standard.
2. SUS304, 316 food grade stainless steel is used, which has strong corrosion resistance;
3. The design of sterile water tank is reasonable. Uniform compression. Wind and lotus cut small. Good sealing performance. At the beginning and end, the invasion of harmful substances and small animals in the air dust was eliminated Ensure that the water quality is not subject to secondary pollution;
4. Scientific water flow design. The sediment in the water naturally accumulates around the central sewage outlet at the bottom of the water tank. It can be discharged by opening the sewage outlet at the bottom of the spherical water tank regularly. Regular manual cleaning is not required;
5. The sterile water tank is light in weight. It is only dozens of times of the concrete water tank. Beautiful appearance and strong decorative effect. It can be used with advertisements Better effect