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Ozone Generator
Ozone is recognized as a broad-spectrum and efficient disinfectant in the world. The new generation of green and environmental protection high-tech product oxygen generator uses natural air as raw material and generates high concentration ozone by electronic high-frequency and high-voltage discharge. There is one more active oxygen atom ozone than oxygen molecules. Ozone has particularly active chemical properties. It is a strong oxidant that can quickly kill bacteria in the air at a certain concentration. Ozone has strong oxidizability and has four functions: oxidation, sterilization, decolorization and deodorization.
The application of ozone is mainly sterilization. This is mainly because ozone has strong oxidation ability. At a certain concentration, ozone can produce biochemical reactions with bacteria, viruses, pathogens and other microorganisms. Under normal temperature and pressure, the oxygen atom (O atom) of bacteria decomposes very fast, and has strong self oxidation activity to single oxygen atom and virus.