Introduction to the characteristics and uses of water treatment machinery

30 May 2022

Introduction to the characteristics and uses of water treatment machinery

Water treatment machinery has the following characteristics: it does not change the chemical properties of water and does not have any side effects on the human body. The descaling effect is obvious. The equipment is small in size, simple and convenient to install, and can be used unattended for a long time. After the water flows through the equipment, it can turn the water into magnetized water, and has a certain inhibitory and killing effect on the bacteria in the water. It does not corrode the equipment and can prolong the service life of the servo equipment.

Water treatment machinery can be used in thermal power, thermal power plants, mining enterprises, medium and low pressure boiler power, and water supply systems. Power plants, factory high and low pressure boilers, air conditioners, cold storage and other circulating water. High-purity water for the production of microelectronic products, high-purity water for semiconductors and kinescopes, water for integrated circuits such as computer circuit boards, and water for solar cells and dry-type batteries.

The main uses are water for textile printing and dyeing, paper making, and pure water for chemical reagent production. Pure water for skin care product production, pure water for shampoo production, and pure water for hair dye production. Chemistry lab, physics lab, biology lab.

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