Do you know what FRP Membrane Housing is?

21 Feb 2022

Do you know what FRP Membrane Housing is?

FRP Membrane Housing is manufactured by computer program controlled winding unit and high performance processing equipment. Based on these high-efficiency units and high-precision technological processes, high-quality product production is ensured.

To meet the growing market demand for FRP Membrane Housing through a quality assurance system. The membrane shell is easy to disassemble and assemble, so that users can save a lot of time and maintenance costs.

Our products are safe and reliable with the inherent structure of excellent performance. The combination of excellent matching parts makes the sealing pressure performance higher. Excellent external surface treatment, so that the product is still as new in any hot and humid environment. Comparable domestic products are better than foreign brand products to some extent. The general performance of the product can be arbitrarily matched with domestic and foreign reverse osmosis membrane series.

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