Matters needing attention in the operation of reverse osmosis machine

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07 Sep 2022

Reverse osmosis machine design avoids operational water hammer

"Water hammer" is caused by the fact that there is air mixed in the pressure container, and the necessary means are not used to remove the air in the container when starting the device, so that the high-pressure water flow mixed with the air will cause violent vibration when it moves into the container. The membrane element will be crushed, resulting in irrecoverable losses.

General preventive measures are:

1. The high-pressure pump adopts the soft start method to avoid, such as step-down start, variable frequency speed control start, and series resistance start with automatic controller.

2. Avoid the operation mode, such as closing or closing the inlet valve when starting, and then slowly opening the valve until the working pressure of the system is reached.

3. Use control to prevent and avoid, such as using PLC to control an electric slow door, open the valve within tens of seconds.

4. Use the installation process to prevent, such as setting a return pipeline at the concentrated water discharge port, so that the highest point of the pipeline exceeds the highest pressure vessel in the reverse osmosis device, so that the pressure vessel will be full of water when the device stops running.

The above points are the measures that are often used in engineering applications. They can be adopted or adopted according to the actual situation. It is worth noting that no matter which project, the fourth point is necessary.

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