What is a water softener?

What is a water softener?

The water softener is an ion exchange water softener with fully automatic control of operation and regeneration process. It uses sodium cation exchange resin to remove calcium and magnesium ions in water and reduce the hardness of raw water, so as to soften hard water and avoid carbonate in pipes and containers. , the boiler produces scaling phenomenon.

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water softener

Guangdong Stark Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that focuses on watertreatment plant and is committed to the research and development, production, sales and after-sales service of environmentally friendly water purification industrial products.

The main production and operation of water treatment plant: reverse osmosis system, ultrafiltration system, EDI desalination system, sea water desalination plant, brackish water desalination plant. Products are widely used in electronics, electroplating, power plants, medicine, petroleum, chemical, food and beverage, printing and dyeing indutries. Starck strives to be the forefront explorer of water treatment equipment at home and abroad!

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What are the special advantages of water softener?

The water softener has a high degree of automation, can be automatically regenerated at regular intervals and at a constant flow rate, the water softener operates stably, and the water quality is high; the equipment has a compact structure and a small installation area; it is a maintenance-free equipment, and does not require special care for operation; low operating costs, water consumption Compared with traditional equipment, it can be greatly reduced.

What are the special advantages of water softener?

Introduction of the characteristics of water softener

The water softener has high efficiency and low energy: the water, electricity and salt consumption of the equipment is about 30~60% of that of similar products, with high efficiency and low consumption, saving operating costs. Corrosion-resistant and anti-pollution; the exchange tank is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, stainless steel, etc.; the salt bucket is made of PE plastic, which can meet various needs. The equipment is compact in structure, occupies a very small area, and has flexible installation positions. When installing, connect the pipes according to the diagram, no need to fix it, which is simple and easy to operate; the equipment runs automatically without manual operation.

Introduction of the characteristics of water softener

How does an automatic water softener work?

Automatic water softener is to realize automatic control of each step of water softener operation and regeneration, and use time, flow or sensor to start regeneration. 

How does an automatic water softener work?
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