What is a water treatment plant?

What is a water treatment plant?

Water treatment includes: sewage treatment and drinking water treatment. In some places, sewage treatment is further divided into two types:sewage treatment and water reuse. Commonly used water treatment agents are: polyaluminum chloride, polyaluminum ferric chloride, basic aluminum chloride, polyacrylamide, activated carbon and various filter materials, etc.

Sewage treatment (sewage treatment, wastewater treatment): The process of purifying sewage in order to make it meet the water quality requirements for discharge into a water body or for reuse. Sewage treatment is widely used in construction, agriculture, transportation, energy, petrochemical, environmental protection, urban landscape, medical, catering and other fields


Commonly used sewage treatment technologies include biochemical methods, such as Activated Sludge Process, Fixed Biofilm Processes, Combined Biological Processes, etc.; physical and chemical methods, such as granular filtration method (Granular Media Filtration), Activated Carbon Adsorption, Chemical Precipitation, Membrane Processes, etc.; natural treatment methods, such as Stabilization Ponds, oxidation ditch Method (Aerated or Facultative Lagoons), Constructed Wetlands (Constructed Wetlands), Chemical Chromatography Resin Treatment Method. Separation Principle of Nanofiltration Membrane

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water treatment plant

Guangdong Stark Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that focuses on watertreatment plant and is committed to the research and development, production, sales and after-sales service of environmentally friendly water purification industrial products.

The main production and operation of water treatment plant: reverse osmosis system, ultrafiltration system, EDI desalination system, sea water desalination plant, brackish water desalination plant. Products are widely used in electronics, electroplating, power plants, medicine, petroleum, chemical, food and beverage, printing and dyeing indutries. Starck strives to be the forefront explorer of water treatment equipment at home and abroad!

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What are the characteristics of water treatment plant?

The ultrapure water equipment produced by the water treatment plant uses the combination of emerging technology and reverse osmosis technology to prepare ultrapure water. The ultrapure water equipment application process has the characteristics of low operating cost, advanced technology and excellent water quality.

What are the characteristics of water treatment plant?

Common treatment methods of water treatment plant

Water treatment plant treatment can be divided into three types: physical method, biological method and chemical method according to its function.

①Physical method: It mainly uses physical action to separate insoluble substances in sewage, and does not change the chemical properties during the treatment process.

② Biological method: Using the metabolic function of microorganisms, the organic matter in the dissolved or colloidal state in the sewage is decomposed and oxidized into stable inorganic substances, so that the sewage can be purified.

③Chemical method: It is a method of using chemical reaction to treat or recover dissolved substances or colloidal substances in sewage, which is mostly used in industrial wastewater.

Common treatment methods of water treatment plant

What are the working characteristics of water treatment plant?

It does not change the chemical properties of water and does nothing to the human body; the descaling effect is obvious. The treated scale is granular and can be discharged with the sewage pipeline without clogging the pipeline system. After the old scale falls off, no new scale will be produced within a certain range; after the water is treated by the sewage treatment plant, the water can be turned into magnetized water, and it has a certain inhibitory and killing effect on the water.

What are the working characteristics of water treatment plant?
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