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Customized 304 Double Layer Stainless Steel Water Tank Stainless Steel Mixing Tank Prices

Stainless steel storage mixing tank The storage tank is a fully enclosed structure (can be heated and cooled according to the process requirements). It has the advantages of hygienic storage, convenient cleaning and reasonable structure. It is suitable for various industries such as food (dairy) products, beverages, and pharmaceuticals. Liquid storage or intermediate buffering.
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Product Description

Classification of stainless steel mixing tanks
1 Classification by form: can be divided into vertical stainless steel tanks, horizontal stainless steel tanks.
2 Classification by use: can be divided into brewing stainless steel tanks, food stainless steel tanks, pharmaceutical stainless steel tanks, dairy stainless steel tanks, chemical stainless steel tanks, petroleum stainless steel tanks, building materials stainless steel tanks, electric power stainless steel tanks, metallurgical stainless steel tanks Can.
3 Classification according to sanitary standards: sanitary stainless steel tanks, ordinary stainless steel tanks.
4 Classification according to pressure requirements: stainless steel pressure vessels, non-stainless steel pressure vessels.

Features of stainless steel storage tanks
1 The stainless steel tank has strong corrosion resistance, it is not corroded by the external air and residual chlorine in the water. Each spherical tank has undergone strong pressure test and inspection before leaving the factory, and its service life can reach more than 100 years under normal pressure.
2. The stainless steel tank has good sealing performance; the sealed design completely eliminates the intrusion of harmful substances and mosquitoes in the airborne dust into the tank, ensuring that the water quality is free from external pollution and breeding of red insects.
3 The scientific water flow design prevents the sediment at the bottom of the tank from turning up due to the water flow, ensuring the natural stratification of domestic water and fire fighting water, and the turbidity of the domestic water coming out of the tank is reduced by 48.5%; however, the water pressure is significantly increased. It is beneficial to improve the performance of domestic water and fire-fighting water facilities.
4 The stainless steel tank does not need to be cleaned frequently; the sediment in the water can be discharged only by regularly opening the drain valve at the bottom of the tank. Simple equipment can be used to remove scale once every 3 years, which greatly reduces cleaning costs and completely avoids human bacterial and virus contamination.

Model Specifications
1. Volume: 1000L~ 100000L (series specifications), different specifications and models of storage tanks can be made according to customer needs;
2. Tank body: the inner surface is mirror polished (roughness Ra <0.4m);
3. Head form: elliptical head, dish-shaped head or conical head, the inner surface is mirror polished (roughness Ra<0.4um);
4. External surface treatment: mirror polishing or 2B primary color matt or sandblasting;
5. The form of liquid level gauge: glass tube liquid level gauge, flat type liquid level gauge, static pressure sensor type liquid level gauge, ultrasonic liquid level gauge;
6. Leg form: triangular pyramid type or round tube type;
7. Equipment configuration: quick opening manhole, air respirator, CIP cleaner, material liquid inlet and outlet, spare port, etc.;
8. Tank material: SUS304, SUS316L, Mo2T, etc.


Cooling & Heating jacket mixing tank are used in many industries. Heat exchange surfaces can be designed either for heating or cooling. They can be used to remove the elevated heat of reaction or reduce the viscosity of high viscous fluids.


Product Parameter


Applicable Industry

Products are widely used in electronics, electroplating, power plants, petroleum, chemical, food and beverage, printing and dyeing industries.

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