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STARK High Quality Customized Membrane Housing best membrane housing 8 Inch Ro Membrane Housing

The stainless steel membrane housing is the basic component of the reverse osmosis equipment. The material is made of 304 stainless steel seamless pipe. According to the sealing form of the end cover, it is divided into: clamp type, flange type, and built-in type; according to the water inlet method, it is divided into: end inlet and side Enter. The length is matched with the number of reverse osmosis membrane components; the inside and outside of the product are polished, beautiful and practical, and the working pressure meets the normal operating pressure requirements of the reverse osmosis system. Customized Membrane Housing
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Product Description

Performance characteristics Stainless Steel Membrane Housing
The 4040 membrane shell is divided into two types: seam and seamless. It is made of SUS304 stainless steel. Both ends are sealed with ABS heads and silicone O-rings, which have high sealing performance and long service life.
8040 membrane housing: divided into two types, card sleeve and end cap type, made of SUS304 seamless stainless steel tube, good sealing performance, high pressure resistance, no aging, easy installation and cleaning of the membrane, working pressure (Mpa): 4.0.
The water inlet and outlet of the membrane shell can be in (out) or side in (out) according to customer requirements. Stainless steel membrane shells are 2.5 inches, 4 inches, 8 inches, etc.,
The 1.4-inch RO membrane shell has a series of 1 core, 2 cores, 3 cores, and 4 cores.
2. Membrane shell tubes are divided into two types: seam tubes and seamless tubes.
3. There are two ways to connect the water inlet and outlet: side inlet and end outlet and end inlet and end outlet; the specifications are 6 points x 4 points and 4 points x 4 points.
4. The material of the head includes ABS and stainless steel.
Customized Membrane Housing

Product Parameter

Technical characteristics
Pressure resistance: 2.0~2.5MPa
Water inlet method: water inlet at both ends, water inlet at both sides
Structure: standard spare parts, convenient and quick to disassemble
Tightness: After pressure test
Organization structure at both ends: clamp type, card type, inner spring type.
Water inlet: 3/4" internal thread
Outlet: 1/2" internal thread
O-ring material:EPDM,with NFS certificate
Max working temperature:90℃

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