Some knowledge about water treatment machine

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16 Aug 2022

Some knowledge about water treatment machine

The water treatment machine may be difficult to see in our life, but in fact it is widely used in all aspects of our life, and our basic necessities of life are inseparable from the water treatment machine.

Water treatment machines include: household water treatment equipment, industrial water treatment equipment, and sewage treatment equipment. According to different places of use and functions, they can be divided into swimming pool water treatment equipment, seawater treatment equipment, industrial wastewater treatment equipment, and so on. Today, I will show you the classification and use of water treatment equipment.

Household water treatment equipment: used for the treatment of tap water. Generally, tap water contains chlorine, calcium, magnesium ions and other metal ions. Industrial water treatment equipment: Compared with household water treatment equipment, it is much larger. The basic principles are basically the same, and the water quality requirements at the back end are also higher. In addition to the pretreatment system and reverse osmosis system in the front section, there are also sterilization systems and electrodeionization systems. The system is used to prepare ultrapure water and other water with higher purity requirements. These waters can be used for surface cleaning, polishing, dye additives, cleaning agents, etc. of electronic products such as mobile phones. This kind of water is used in almost all industrial production processes. equipment. Sewage treatment equipment: This type of equipment is mainly used for domestic sewage and similar industrial organic wastewater, such as organic sewage treatment in textile, beer, paper, leather, food, chemical and other industries. The main purpose of sewage treatment equipment is to treat domestic sewage. After being treated with similar industrial organic wastewater, it can meet the water quality requirements for reuse, so that the wastewater can be used as a resource after treatment.

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