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23 Sep 2022

Containerized seawater desalination equipment

Containerized seawater desalination equipment
Container box -type seawater fading system(The container equipment can be designed according to raw water treatment, raw water can be: sea water, rivers, river water, lake water, tap water, groundwater, etc.)

The container -style seawater fading equipment adopts reverse osmosis technology. From the seawater water removal system, first roughly filter and reduce the turbidity of the seawater, and then use a high -pressure supercharged pump to enter the reverse osmosis membrane. Reduce water into a dilute water tank, and the quality of water out of water meets the requirements of living water (the sanitary standard of drinking water (GB5749-2006)).

The containerized seawater desalination equipment is assembled for the seasonal freshwater supply of the living water or tourism industry with deficiencies of freshwater, as well as
freshwater requirements in remote areas or urgent conditions. In a short period of time, it can quickly organize production and supply, less investment, and fast results.

Containerized seawater desalination equipment adopts self-developed water treatment process, which has been well received by many customers after years of practical application. Seawater desalination treatment equipment is mainly used for domestic drinking water treatment of ships, ships, offshore platforms, and islands.
Model Water production Power Recovery rate Reference equipment size
m3/d KW % container / skid(mm)
STK-SW-72 72 20 35

20 feet container /


STK-SW-100 100 32.2 38

20 feet container /


STK-SW-120 120 34 40

20 feet container/


STK-SW-150 150 35.5 40 5000x2000x2400
STK-SW-200 200 35 40

40 feet container /


STK-SW-240 240 38 40

40 feet container /


STK-SW-300 300 52 45

40 feet container /


STK-SW-360 360 45.5 45 40 feet container
STK-SW-400 400 62.5 45

40 feet container/


STK-SW-500 500 70 45

40 feet container*2 /



720 85 45 40 feet container*2
STK-SW-1000 1000 108.5 45 40 feet container*2
STK-SW-2000 2000 193 45 40 feet container*4
STK-SW-5000 5000 597 45 40 feet container*10
STK-SW-10000 10000 965 45 40 feet container*20 

The water production capacity of the seawater desalination system and the combination type of equipment can be made according to customer requirements. Only the standard model of the seawater desalination system is shown in the table.

Raw water:
Water quality requirements: TDS ≤40000mg/L
Water inlet temperature: 5 ~ 45 ℃
Water production:
Quality of water production: <700mg/L, in line with the health standards for drinking water (GB5749-2006)
Decar and salinity:. 99.5%
Work pressure: <6.5mpa
power supply:Voltage: 220V / 380V / 440V, 50 ~ 60Hz, three phases
Protection level: IP54
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Process flow
Seawater → Multimedia Filter → Precision Filter → High Pressure Pump → Reverse Osmosis System → Product Water

Containerized seawater desalination equipment configuration
1. Reverse osmosis membrane: Dow, Hyde Energy, Toray, GE seawater membrane.
2. Membrane shell: Harbin FirstLine FRP material.
3. Inlet water pump: Grundfos, Southern Pump (CNP).
4. High pressure pump: Carter, Diamond, Southern Pump (CNP), PINFL.
5. Frame: stainless steel square tube, the outer surface of the tube is polished.
6. Pipeline: The high-pressure side pipeline adopts dual-phase steel or stainless steel pipeline and high-pressure rubber hose, and the low-pressure side pipeline adopts UPVC pipeline.
7. Electrical components: Schneider brand.
8. Container size: 20 feet, 40 feet (with thermal insulation, air conditioning).
9. Energy recovery device can be used to reduce energy consumption.

Effluent quality
The water quality of the one-stage reverse osmosis product: the sanitary standard for drinking water (GB5749-2006).
two-stage reverse osmosis product water quality: pure water standard.

Performance and characteristics of containerized seawater desalination equipment
1. The reverse osmosis seawater desalination technology is mature and advanced, and the desalination rate is as high as 99.5%.
2. Adopt modern automation control technology to realize automatic management and reduce labor intensity and management costs.
3. Energy-saving design, low energy consumption, reduce water production costs.
4. Rack pipes and fittings are made of stainless steel and corrosion-resistant materials to ensure the durability of the system and low maintenance costs.
5. Reliable: 24 hours continuous operation.
6. Simple operation and convenient maintenance. As long as there is electricity and sea water, fresh water can be supplied immediately after startup.
7. The electrical control integrated system can communicate with the host computer to upload necessary information such as status, fault, alarm, pressure, flow, and liquid level.


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