STARK 3T Odm Reverse Osmosis System Chemical Water Treatment Plant

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STK 3T Odm Sea water purification Best Reverse Osmosis System Chemical Water Treatment Plant

Chemical Reverse Osmosis System  Reverse osmosis suitable equipment can block all soluble salts and organic substances with a molecular weight greater than 100, but allow water molecules to pass through. The salt rejection rate of reverse osmosis composite membranes isgenerally greater than 98%, They are widely used in the preparation of industrial pure water and electronic ultra-pure water for drinking. In the process of pure water production and boiler feed water, the use of reverse purification equipment before ion exchange can greatly reduce the discharge of operating water and wastewater.  
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Product Description

Working principle:  Chemical Water Treatment Plant 
Reverse osmosis technology Reverse Osmosis System
With the report of raw water analysis and the different requirements in different field, we can make a appropriate design for you.
1) Adopts RO membrane from VONTRON, which can remove 99.7% inorganic salt, heavy metal ion and completely get rid of colloid, microbiology organic materials, germ, protozoa, pathogens, bacteria, inorganic chemical and so on.
2) No need to add any chemicals, stable pure water quality, and no pollution drained, low produce cost.
3) Equipped with pretreatment system, such as active carbon absorption filter and refined quartz sand filter
4) 304 stainless steel rack and pipe accessories connection.
5) Equipped with auto pressure protection system and on -line monitor.
6) Automatically and manually wash RO membrane. Also the design of washing the RO membrane is by chemical solution (citric acid or sodium hydroxide optional)
7) The lifespan of the whole system is long, operation simple, the applicability is strong.

Product Parameter

 Productivity(T/H) Motor power(KW) Recovery rate(%) Outlet water conductivity(uS/CM) Raw water conductivity(u S/CM)
0.5 1.5 50 ≤10 ≤300
1 2.2 50 ≤10 ≤300
2 3 50-60 ≤10 ≤300
3 4.5 55-65 ≤10 ≤300
4 6.5 55-65 ≤10 ≤300
5 8 60-70 ≤10 ≤300
10 18 60-70 ≤10 ≤300
20 30 65-75 ≤10 ≤300
30 40 70-75 ≤10 ≤300
50 70 70-75 ≤10 ≤300
100 115 70-75 ≤10 ≤300
200 230 70-75 ≤10 ≤300

Applicable Industry

Electronics, electroplating, power plants, medicine, petroleum, chemical, food and beverage, printing and dyeing indutries. 

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