The benefits of using a Low Temperature Vacuum Evaporator?

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Low Temperature Vacuum Evaporator

Waste Water Treatment Machinery Economical And Practical Automatic VDW Heat Pump Low Temperature Evaporator Machine Price
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Product Description

Low Temperature Vacuum Evaporator
Vacuum distillation and concentration technology and VDW heat pump vacuum evaporator realize the breakthrough of sewage treatment from engineering to equipment. And with our innovative vacuum concentration technology, you can separate clean water from industrial wastewater, so you can reduce the total amount of wastewater and therefore your sewage bill by up to 95%, and the treated water can be reused in production Or discharge up to standard after simple treatment; (100% sewage = 95% distilled water reuse + 5% residue

Product Parameter


Applicable Industry

The heat pump low-temperature evaporator is mainly used for the reduction treatment of hw09 oily wastewater: such as cutting fluid for CNC processing, release agent for die casting industry, wire drawing fluid for wire and cable industry, electroplating wastewater for electroplating industry, degreasing wastewater and Phosphating Wastewater for surface treatment industry, garbage permeate for garbage treatment industry, cleaning concentrated water for membrane filtration industry, etc.

Stark Advantage

The separation of clean water from industrial wastewater reduces the total amount of wastewater
Energy saving and environmental protection

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