Ion exchange resin salt tank Water Softener system 500l per hour filter unit

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Industrial Water Softening And Demineralizing Equipment Dia 200*1100mm Ion Exchange Resin Salt Tank Water Softener system 500l Per Hour Filtration Plant

A water softener is a device which reduces the hard minerals dissolved in water passing through it. Water softeners work by passing incoming feed water through the internal cylinder, stripping the dissolved hard water minerals from the water.  
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Product Description

The automatic water softener equipment is composed of automatic softeninq valve, glass fiber reinforced plastic tank, salt tank and link pipeline, and its material can meet the national safety food grade requirements.

The glass fiber reinforced plastic tank contains ion exchange resin, which is the main body of softened water.
When the water source flows through the resin, through ion exchange, the calcium and magnesium ions in the water will replace the sodium ions in the resin to remove calcium from the water the purpose of magnesium ions.

The salt box is filled with softening salt, and its solution is used for resin regeneration, so that the resin has the adsorption capacity again, and the calcium and magnesium ions oriqinally adsorbed in the resin are cleaned and discharged.

Product parameters
TYPE Water
Control Valve
Tank Model Salt Tank / Salt Valve
Cationic Resin (L)
Body Pipe Part
STK-WSF-500L 500L F65B1 844 25L 25 ¾"
STK-WSF-1000L 1000L F65B1 1054 60L 50 ¾"
STK-WSF-2000L 2000L F65B1 1252 60L 75 G1"
STK-WSF-3000L 3000L F63C1 1465 100L 100 G1"
STK-WSF-4000L 4000L F63C1 1665 200L 150 G1¼"
STK-WSF-5000L 5000L F74A1 2072 200L 200 G1¼"
STK-WSF-8000L 8000L F74A1 2472 300L 325 G1½"
STK-WSF-10000L 10000L F74A1 3072 500L 500 G1½"
STK-WSF-12000L 12000L F77A 3072 500L 500 G1½"
STK-WSF-15000L 15000L F77A 3672 800L 700 G2"
STK-WSF-20000L 20000L F78A1 4072 800L 800 G2"

The fully automatic sodium ion exchanger is mainly composed of multi-channel control valve, controller, resin tank (with water distributor) and salt tank. The multi-channel control valve is a valve with multiple channels in the same valve body. The controller is set according to the setting The program sends instructions to the multi-way valve, and the multi-way valve automatically completes the switching of multiple valves.

In this way, the procedures of operation, backwashing, regeneration, replacement, and forward washing are realized, and there is no need to set up a salt liquid pump. The equipment is simple and can be widely used in the preparation of industrial and civil softening, such as steam boiler feed water, heating and air conditioning, water pools and other water systems

Water softener FAQ
1.How often to change salt in water softener
   How often to change it depends on the amount of water, the hardness of the water, the amount of resin added to the equipment, the exchange energy of the resin, and the water requirements. So it only depends on your situation.
The water softener uses the principle of resin ion exchange to replace the calcium and magnesium ions in the raw water, so it can significantly reduce the content of calcium and magnesium ions in the water and fundamentally soften the water quality, but it needs to add salt to regenerate the resin replacement capacity. The time for adding salt varies according to different models. Generally, you can add salt when the salt box is almost empty. Generally, add it to 2/3 of the salt box.

2.How to install automatic water softener

1. First put the tank in place,
2. Connect the lower water distributor to the central pipe (fix it with glue),
3. Put it into the tank of the equipment, be sure to put it in the center of the tank, and seal the top of the center tube with tape. The purpose is not to put the resin into the center tube.
4. Add resin to the tank
5. The central pipe and the upper mouth of the tank should be leveled (must be leveled, otherwise the water will be unqualified)
6. Install the controller on the top of the device

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1. There are many unqualified products in the market, how can you make sure your quality control?
We have passed SGS, ISO:9001,certification.Eeah pcs of the goods would be checked several times strictly before shipping,and we are glad to accept the Third- party inspection company to quality check. And we will full refund in case of any bad quality.

2.What about the delivery time?
About 7~30 Working days.

3.How about your production capacity, and how can you make sure my goods would be delivery on time ?
We have 12 production lines, six quality inspection teams, and hundreds of skilled workers who have worked for more than five years. The delay rate in the last years has been less than 0.3%. about your design ability? Do you offer OEM service?
We have our own design department, and have offered design service for thousands of cooperative partner. OEM accept and we offer confidentiality agreement "business secret contract" for your design safe.

5.Can l place a small order to test the quality?
Yes sure ,small order are also welcomed.

6.Can I visit your factory?
Sure , welcome to visit our factory.

* We will 100% inspect the products before shipment. * Transactions can be done through Alibaba's trade assurance.


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