8040 Ro FRP Membrane Housing Desalination Salt Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

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Sea Water 8040 Ro FRP Membrane Housing Fabrick High Pressure Vessel Price Or Desalination Salt Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

The FRP reverse osmosis membrane housing is manufactured by a computer program-controlled winding unit ano high-performance processing equipment.  FRP Membrane Housing
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Product Description

The FRP reverse osmosis membrane housing is manufactured by a computer program-controlled winding unit ano high-performance processing equipment. Based on these high-efficiency units and high-precision technological processes, the production of high-quality products is ensured. And through the quality assurance system to meet the growing market demand for FRP reverse osmosis membrane shells. The membrane shell is easy to disassemble and assemble, so that users can save a lot of time and maintenance costs.

FRP Membrane Housing
Structural features
1) Connection: end opening or side opening
2) Length: 1 core, 2 cores, 3 cores, 4 cores, 5 cores, 6 cores, 7 cores (8040, 8080, 80120, 80160...)
3) Maximum working pressure: 300PSI, 400PSl, 450PSI 600PSI, 800PSI. 1000PSI 1200PSI
4) Working temperature: -7℃ to 4995) Standard color: white (color can be customized)"

Guangdong Stark Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that focuses on watertreatment plant and is committed to the research and development, production, sales and after-sales service of environmentally friendly water purification industrial products.
The main production and operation of water treatment plant: reverse osmosis system, ultrafiltration system, EDI desalination system, sea water desalination plant, brackish water desalination plant. Products are widely used in electronics, electroplating, power plants, medicine, petroleum, chemical, food and beverage, printing and dyeing indutries. Starck strives to be the forefront explorer of water treatment equipment at home and abroad!

1. There are many unqualified products in the market, how can you make sure your quality control?
We have passed SGS, ISO:9001,certification.Eeah pcs of the goods would be checked several times strictly before shipping,and we are glad to accept the Third- party inspection company to quality check. And we will full refund in case of any bad quality.

2.What about the delivery time?
About 7~30 Working days.

3.How about your production capacity, and how can you make sure my goods would be delivery on time ?
We have 12 production lines, six quality inspection teams, and hundreds of skilled workers who have worked for more than five years. The delay rate in the last years has been less than 0.3%.

4.how about your design ability? Do you offer OEM service?
We have our own design department, and have offered design service for thousands of cooperative partner. OEM accept and we offer confidentiality agreement "business secret contract" for your design safe.

5.Can l place a small order to test the quality?
Yes sure ,small order are also welcomed.

6.Can I visit your factory?
Sure , welcome to visit our factory.

* We will 100% inspect the products before shipment. * Transactions can be done through Alibaba's trade assurance.

Product Parameter

Model Membrane quantity Pressure Connections
STK-FRP-4040 1 300~1000psi End/Side
STK-FRP-4080 2 300~1000psi End/Side
STK-FRP-40120 3 300~1000psi End/Side
STK-FRP-40160 4 300~1000psi End/Side
STK-FRP-8040 1 300~1000psi End/Side
STK-FRP-8080 2 300~1000psi End/Side
STK-FRP-80120 3 300~1000psi End/Side
STK-FRP-80160 4 300~1000psi End/Side
STK-FRP-80200 5 300~1000psi End/Side
STK-FRP-80240 6 300~1000psi End/Side
STK-FRP-80280 7 300~1000psi End/Side

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