STARK Household Water Purifier Reverse Osmosis System Commercial reverse osmosis

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75GPD Alkaline Reverse Osmosis Household Water Purifier 5 stage water filter purifier

75GPD Household Water Purifier  The household reverse osmosis water purifier can reach 5 levels of filtration, the main filter element is the industry's top Dow membrane, and the RO membrane has a service life of up to 5 years.In the case of ensuring high flow rate and large flux, the durability and energy saving of the filter element are also taken into account. The rated volume reaches 7200 liters, and the ratio of pure wastewater is 2:1.
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Product Description

Household water purifier reverse osmosis pure water machine
The water purification system of pure water machine is based on reverse osmosis membrane. The part before reverse osmosis membrane can be called pretreatment and the part after reverse osmosis membrane is called post-treatment. Reverse osmosis pure water machine is a set of microfiltration, adsorption, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet sterilization, ultra-purification and other technologies in one, the tap water directly into the ultra-pure water device. Reverse osmosis (RO) membrane is the core component of reverse osmosis pure water unit. The pure water produced by reverse osmosis pure water mechanism is fresher, more sanitary and safer than the bottled water. It has a wide range of USES.

75GPD household ro water purifier system
1-the RO filter precision is 0.0001 um, makes the filtered water 100% pure water 2-five stages cartridge filter, can be directly drunk 3-food grade material,make sure drinking water clean and safe. 4-easy to install ,small size, 5-quick plug type filter,easy to replace the filter cartridge 6-you can choose 6 stages , 7 stages, 8 stages 7-with 3.2G water pressure tank

Product Parameter

Model NW-RO50-B3LS3
Description 5 - 8 stage RO system
Capacity 50/75/100 GPD
Flush type Automatic / Mauual-Flush
Pump Diaphragm booster pump
Faucet Steel
Power supply 220V/110V   50HZ/60HZ
RO membrane VONTRON or CSM or FCS or JCM
Fitting Type Quick fitting
Pressure tank 3G plastic tank or 3.2G steel tank
Unit packing 38*25*72cm

Applicable Industry

Electronics, electroplating, power plants, medicine, petroleum, chemical, food and beverage, printing and dyeing indutries. 

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