STK 10g Industrial Ozone Generator air water ozone generator for water treatment

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10g water treatment machine Industrial Ozone Generator air water ozone generator atmospheric use for Swimming pool, fish pond

Ozone generator Industrial Ozone Generator The ozone generator uses the principle of high-voltage discharge to realize the process of converting oxygen gas into ozone. That is, high-voltage alternating current is applied to high-voltage electrodes with an insulator in the middle and a certain gap. Let the passing dry purified air or oxygen pass through. When the high-voltage alternating current reaches 10-15KV, a purple glow discharge [corona] is generated to excite the oxygen molecules or atoms of the air or oxygen into ozone. The formation of ozone varies with the applied power supply voltage and current.
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Product Description

Principle of Ozone Generator:
When the ozone generator starts to work, the air in the oil-free air compressor is pressed into the cooler and air storage tank of the ozone generator, and the air passes through the non-heat regeneration drying device and the gas flow and speed are controlled by the flowmeter. The source enters the ozone generating unit. At this time, the voltage regulator in the ozone generating unit adjusts the transformer to increase the pressure to about 12000V, and the operator can observe the ozone generation status and glow discharge status through the sight glass. The transformer continues to gradually increase the pressure to about 15000V and to a stable state, and the operator observes the operation of each instrument to a stable state.
Industrial Ozone Generator

Product Parameter


Ozone production

Ozone concentration

Power Rating

Cooling-down method
STK-AOZ-3G1 3 15-25 80 Air cool 230*810*420
STK-AOZ-3G2 3 15-25 100 Air cool 320*250*520
STK-AOZ-5G 5 15-25 140 Air cool 320*250*520
STK-AOZ-10G 10 15-25 180 Air cool 320*260*580
STK-AOZ-15G 15 15-25 300 Air cool 400*300*710
STK-AOZ-20G 20 15-25 320 Air cool 400*300*710
STK-AOZ-25G 25 15-25 350 Air/water cool 400*300*830
STK-AOZ-30G 30 15-25 400 Air/water cool 400*300*830
STK-AOZ-40G 40 15-25 480 Air/water cool 550*400*850
STK-AOZ-50G 50 15-25 700 Air/water cool 550*400*1000
STK-AOZ-60G 60 15-25 800 Air/water cool 550*400*1130
STK-AOZ-80G 80 15-25 1020 Air/water cool 550*400*1240
STK-AOZ-100G 100 15-25 1140 Air/water cool 550*400*1330

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