Stark 1000L reverse osmosis system, water desalination purification machine

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1000L reverse osmosis system water desalination purification water treatment plant

STK-RO-1000L Productivity(T/H):1 Motor power(KW):2.2kw Recovery rate(%):60-70 Qutlet water conductivity(μS/CM):≤10 Raw water conductivity(μS/CM):≤300 
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Product Description

1000L reverse osmosis systemreverse osmosis system
Reverse osmosis System
Reverse osmosis pure water technology is the most advanced, the most econmic and the most effective system in water treatment industry , which is a process to push high-content salt water reverse into lower salt water by press water into ro membrane. By this, most hazardous substances, heavy metal, soluble soild are wiped off. Then only water molecues can go through the ro membrane to be pure water
NO. Device Description Use the brand Quantity
1 Raw water pump Optional:CNP/Grundfos 1 Set
2 Sand filter φ750×1975MM   1 Set
3 Carbon filter φ750×1975MM   1 Set
4 5μm Cartridge filter   1 Set
5 High pressure pump  CNP/Grundfos 1 Set
6 Reverse osmosis water production: 5m3/h, desalination rate:96~99% 1 Set
7 Pipe fittings, valves U-PVC China 1 Set

Electronic control system   1 Set
Main cotrol box:PC programmable automatic control, France Schneider contactors, thermal relays, knobs, switches, lights, Korean pressure controller, time controller.  
9 Filter Media China 1 Set
10 Pressure gauges China 1 Set
11 Flowmeter (5-30 m3/h) China  
12 Washing equipment  

1000L reverse osmosis system
RO reverse osmosis membrane 0.0001 micron depth filtration
The high-precision O-membrane, which is only 1/10,000 of a human hair, is used to deeply filter rust, sediment, inorganic heavy metals, bacteria, scale, organic substances, etc. in the water to ensure the purity of the water.

Inorganic matter: Nitrate ammonia removal rate>90.9% Chromium removal rate>97.1%
Heavy metals: cadmium removal rate>99.8% chloroform removal rate>99.9% gasification removal rate>97,8%
​Organic matter: lead removal rate>99.9% carbon tetrazide removal rate>99.9% calcium magnesium ion removal rate>99,7%

1000L reverse osmosis system

STARK Environmental Solutions Ltd. is a company that focuses on water treatment plant and is committed to the research and development, production, sales and after-sales service of environmentally friendly water purification industrial products. The main production and operation of water treatment plant: reverse osmosis system, ultrafiltration system, EDI desalination system, sea water desalination plant, brackish water desalination plant. Products are widely used in electronics, electroplating, power plants, medicine, petroleum, chemical, food and beverage, printing and dyeing industries. Stark strives to be the forefront explorer of water treatment equipment at home and abroad!

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