How to choose the right household water purifier?

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31 Mar 2022

How to choose the right household water purifier?

The basic principle of purchasing a household water purifier is to remove visible pollutants in the water, such as rust, colloidal substances, odors and odors, residual chlorine and some disinfection by-products, organic pollutants, heavy metals, etc., and to retain water. of mineral elements. Choose the right water purifier according to the water quality in different regions.

The hardness of water in different regions is different. The high-hardness water in northern my country and the limestone region in southern China have high calcium and magnesium ions in water, which are easy to scale. You should purchase an advanced filter water purifier with an ion exchange resin filter element.

For urban tap water with chlorine, heavy color and odor, and high organic content, you can choose a household water purifier with a large amount of activated carbon. Because activated carbon has a strong adsorption effect on residual chlorine, different colors and odors in water, and has obvious removal effect on organic matter.

For the purification of tap water with turbid water quality in urban and rural areas, household water purifiers with dual functions of coarse filtration and fine filtration should be purchased. For serious pollution in the water, it is required to completely filter out any impurities in the water and drink directly without heating, a reverse osmosis pure water machine should be purchased.

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