Features of water softener system

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29 Apr 2022

Features of water softener system

The water softener system's operating cycle and salt intake can be adjusted according to the hardness of the raw water. The consumption of consumables is low, the salt consumption is low, the water quality is excellent, the operation is simple, and the maintenance is convenient. The equipment has strong applicability.

The water production process is advanced, the floating bed countercurrent regeneration process is adopted, the water quality and water production volume are stable, the water is continuously produced, and the softened hydration salt is used for regeneration and cleaning. 4. Save salt and water. Less water consumption.

Long service life, due to the reasonable design of the valve structure, the service life of the original automatic switch is doubled. The equipment is light in weight, occupies less floor space, does not require workshops and civil works, and has low installation, operation and maintenance costs. Easy to install, only need to connect the inlet and outlet pipes and power to start running. The degree of automation of the equipment is improved, and unmanned operation is realized.

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