Do you know the advantages of Stainless Steel Water Tank

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25 Nov 2022

Do you know the advantages of Stainless Steel Water Tank

1, no pollution to the water quality, to ensure water safety;

Stainless Steel Water Tank uses SUS304 material stainless steel plate, not only the service life of stainless steel water tank is long, but also can better prevent the secondary pollution of water quality, no pollution to water quality, to ensure the clean water.

2, the box is not easy to rust and aging resistance;

Stainless Steel Water Tank surface has a dense oxide layer with superior corrosion resistance and good sealing performance.

3, impact resistance, seismic performance is strong;

Stainless Steel Water Tank uniform and reasonable pressure, uniform distribution of stainless steel tension in the box, high quality stamping process of stainless steel plate, not only to ensure the maximum pressure needs of the box, but also reduce the thickness of the material, to meet the practical requirements of the box.

4, light, beautiful and easy to maintain, convenient site installation and construction.

Stainless Steel Water Tank is generally made of high quality materials, the surface is smooth and beautiful, the box is light and easy to clean. Construction is convenient and fast; On-site assembly adopts argon arc welding or bolt fastening welding, without lifting equipment.

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