Do you know the advantages of FRP TANK

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23 Sep 2022

Do you know the advantages of FRP TANK

The relative density of FRP TANK is between 1.5 ~ 2.0, only 1/4 to 1/5 of carbon steel, but the tensile strength is close, or even more than carbon steel, and compared to the high -grade alloy steel. Therefore, it has excellent results in aviation, rockets, cosmic aircraft, high -pressure containers, and other products that need to reduce self -weight. Some epoxy FRP stretch, bending, and compression strength can reach more than 400MPa.

FRP is a good corrosion -resistant material, which has good resistance to the atmosphere, water and general concentration of acid, alkali, salt, and multiple oils and solvents. It has been applied to all aspects of chemical anticorrosion, and is replacing carbon steel, stainless steel, wood, non -ferrous metals, etc.

FRP TANK's electrical can be good and is an excellent insulating material for making insulation. Under high frequency, good dielectric can be protected. Microwaves are well used for radar antenna hoods.

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