STARK-Ten major faults and maintenance methods of reverse osmosis equipment

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21 Feb 2023

Ten major faults and maintenance methods of reverse osmosis equipment

Ten major faults and maintenance methods of RO reverse osmosis equipment

A. The switch is turned on, but the device does not start:
1. Electrical circuit failure, such as insurance failure, wire falling off
2. The thermal protection element is not reset after protection

1. The waterway is undervoltage, check the insurance, check the wiring everywhere
2. Thermal protection element reset
3. Check the waterway and ensure the water supply pressure

B. After the equipment is started, the water inlet solenoid valve is not opened:
1. Wiring off
2. Internal mechanical failure of the solenoid valve
3. Solenoid valve coil is broken

1. Check the wiring
2. Disassemble the solenoid valve for maintenance
3. Repair or replace the coil

C. The pump is running, but the rated pressure and flow cannot be reached:
1. Pump reverse
2. The security filter element is dirty
3. There is air in the pump
4. The flush solenoid valve opens

1. Rewire
2. Clean or replace the filter element
3. Remove the air in the pump
4. Adjust the pressure after flushing

D. When the system pressure rises, the pump noise is loud
1. Raw water flow is not enough
2. Raw water flow is unstable

1. Check the raw water pump and pipeline
2. Check the raw water pump and pipeline, and check whether there is leakage in the pipeline

E. The solenoid valve is not closed after flushing
1. Solenoid valve control element and circuit failure
2. Solenoid valve mechanical failure

1. Check or replace components and lines
2. Disassemble the solenoid valve, repair or replace it

F. Undervoltage shutdown
1. Insufficient supply of raw water
2. The filter element of the security filter is clogged
3. Improper pressure adjustment and underpressure caused by automatic flushing

1. Check whether the raw water pump and pre-treatment system are working
2. Clean and replace the filter element 3. Adjust the system pressure to the best state to keep the filtered pressure above 20psi

G. The concentrated water pressure cannot reach the rated value
1. Pipeline leaks
2. The flushing solenoid valve is not fully closed
3. Recovery system leakage

1. Check and repair the pipeline
2. Check and replace the flushing solenoid valve
3. Check and repair the recovery system

H. The pressure is sufficient, but the pressure display is not in place
1. Foreign matter in the pressure gauge hose is blocked
2. There is air in the hose
3. Pressure gauge failure

1. Check and clear the pipeline
2. Remove air
3. Replace the pressure gauge

I. Poor water quality
1. Membrane fouling and scaling
2. Membrane junction head seal aging failure

1. Chemical cleaning according to technical requirements
2. Replace the O-ring
3. Replace the membrane

J. Production decline
1. Membrane fouling, fouling, chemical cleaning according to technical requirements
2. The change of water temperature is recalculated according to the actual water temperature to determine the production water.

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