Stark 304 stainless steel filter housing

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13 Oct 2022

304 stainless steel filter housing

The stainless steel filter housing is composed of a shell, a multi-element filter element, a backwashing mechanism, and a differential pressure controller. There are multiple filter elements, which makes full use of the filter space and significantly reduces the volume of the filter, and a backwash suction cup is installed in the lower chamber. When working, the turbid liquid enters the lower cavity of the filter through the inlet, and enters the inner cavity of the filter element through the baffle hole. The impurities larger than the gap of the filter element are retained, and the clean liquid passes through the gap to the upper cavity, and then is sent out from the outlet.

Design Features:

1. The filtration equipment adopts the internal mechanical structure of technology, which realizes the function of high-pressure backwashing in the true sense, which can easily and thoroughly remove the impurities retained by the filter screen, without dead ends in cleaning, and without flux attenuation, which ensures the filtration efficiency and long-term use. life.

2. The stainless steel filter housing adopts 304, 316L stainless steel wedge-shaped filter screen, which has high strength, high precision, corrosion resistance, and the highest filtering precision can reach 25 microns.

3. The stainless steel filter housing realizes automatic backwashing through its own retrieval and strain functions, which can cope with unstable water quality fluctuations without manual intervention.

4. The stainless steel filter housing has few wearing parts, no consumables, low operation and maintenance costs, and simple operation and management.

5. The stainless steel filter housing runs accurately, and the backwash differential pressure time and time setting can be flexibly adjusted according to different water sources and filtration precision.

6. During the backwashing process of the stainless steel filter housing, each (group) filter screen will be backwashed in turn to ensure the safety and efficient cleaning of the filter screen, while other filter screens will not be affected and continue to filter.

7. The stainless steel filter housing adopts a pneumatic blowdown valve, the backwashing time is short, the backwashing water consumption is small, and it is environmentally friendly and economical.

8. The stainless steel filter housing has compact and reasonable structure design, small footprint, flexible and convenient installation and movement.

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